Wednesday, 6 March 2013

New details on the University of Minnesota psychiatry morass: suspicion of vital documents falsified and hidden from court

More on what I posted on a few days ago with regard to a thickening enigma around the ethics of the so-called CAFÉ study – involving Astra-Zeneca and associated with at least one death – at the psychiatry department of the University of Minnesota, here.

To read the new developments, looki here! In short, as new evidence occurs the suspicions about a bona fide coverup, featuring falsified consent documents and other vital pieces of evidence hidden from court investigations – are strengthened.

I repeat myself when under stress: At the very least, the University of Minnesota should have a slight urge to look into to this, not least since it appears to be imperative according to its own regulative statutes.

More will follow, I'm sure.....