Sunday, 26 February 2012

Fun, Fun , FUN for All of Us Philosophy Geeks: Fauxphilnews

Philosophy humour is, I think, about the most geeky and esoteric there is in the world of academic comedy. But for all of us who are on the inside, it is a sheer pleasure when someone pulls it off well. For, as you would expect, philosophers are no less ready to unleash their entire battery of critical scrutiny in cases where the subject is used for other purposes than, well..., the subject, than they are in those seminar rooms where the subject is in fact the subject and not something else - like having fun. Anyway, this new site, Fauxphilnews, does it better than most, I would say. And judging by the very happy and frequent sharing of every post on Twitter and Facebook by my colleagues – as well as prestigious mention by The Splintered Mind, I'm not alone in my appreciation.