Thursday, 21 June 2012

Call for papers to a special issue on New Media and Risky Behavior of Children and Young People: Ethics and Policy Implications

Just a short note to inform about  a call for papers to a coming special issue of the journal Public Health Ethics, to be guest-edited by myself and my colleague Karl Persson on a topic that brings together issues actualised by complex ethics and policy challenges in the light of increased knowledge about how people's health-related behavior is influenced by their media consumption, the uncertain moral, legal and political standing of children and young people, and the rapid development of a new media landscape that radically reshapes the opportunities of families, civil society, public institutions and governments to control how children's and young people's health and well-being are influenced by their media habits.

Deadline for submissions is january 1, 2013 and more info on the topic as well as instructions for authors can be found here. If you know any people involved in public health research, media studies, applied ethics, law or political theory or similar areas, please tell them about this opportunity!

The initiation and work on this special issue is a direct outcome of the project Alcopop-TV Culture, undertaken in collaboration with the School of Law at the University of Central Lancashire and funded by the Daphne III program of the European Commission. More information about this project can be found here.

Otherwise, alas, I am still on part-time sick-leave and an adjusted work-schedule. However, the situation is steadily progressing for the better, so hopefully, I will be back and posting more regularly from this fall and on.