Thursday, 17 November 2011

Priscilla Coleman Responds to Critics

Today, Priscilla Coleman, the author of the article in the British Journal of Psychiatry presenting a meta-analysis purporting to demonstrate a causal relationship between abortion and mental health problems published a rapid reply, where she responds to her critics so far. Most of the response addresses scientific details (however, she seems to be responding only to a minor part of the scientific criticism), but a rather substantial part tries to address the claim from critics of personal bias and undisclosed conflicts of interests based on that on Coleman's part. As I understand it, Coleman's defense is that since, in her view, the American Psychological Association is furthering a pro choice stance, it is OK for her to be consciously biased in her research without telling so when publishing an article in a journal requiring disclosure of conflicts of interest. She also, seemingly without any sort of proof, accuses her critics and/or other (unnamed) researchers of sitting on unpublished studies that would support Coleman's claim. Rather remarkable, isn't it?

Read Coleman's response here.
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