Wednesday, 6 March 2013

New details on the University of Minnesota psychiatry morass: suspicion of vital documents falsified and hidden from court

More on what I posted on a few days ago with regard to a thickening enigma around the ethics of the so-called CAFÉ study – involving Astra-Zeneca and associated with at least one death – at the psychiatry department of the University of Minnesota, here.

To read the new developments, looki here! In short, as new evidence occurs the suspicions about a bona fide coverup, featuring falsified consent documents and other vital pieces of evidence hidden from court investigations – are strengthened.

I repeat myself when under stress: At the very least, the University of Minnesota should have a slight urge to look into to this, not least since it appears to be imperative according to its own regulative statutes.

More will follow, I'm sure.....

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  1. Eh, UMN clearly doesn't care about following their own regulative statutes, given that Kaler said on Monday:
    "I expect and insist we will always meet our legal and regulatory obligations. At the same time, however, we must continue to recalibrate our risk tolerance. That means we must look at our own internal policies and ask the question—do they meet—or do they exceed—our legal or regulatory requirements?"

    "If they are excessively burdensome, going beyond what the feds or other entities require us to do, we should change them…or at least make a conscious decision not to!" (1)

    That reads to me like Kaler explicitly stating that they're looking to do the bare minimum required by law, and not an iota more. If internal regulations require more, then they'll be changed because gollygee, don't want to get in the way of UMN partnering with the public sector!


    1 - From Carl Elliott's blog: