Saturday, 28 January 2012

Cross-Post: Crime, Punishment and Responsibility (Series Index) via Philosophical Disquisitions

So, here's a nice one from the philosophy blog world. John Danaher, lecturer in law at Keele University (also found on twitter), who runs the very nice philosophy blog Philosophical Disquisitions has posted what is effectively a hypertext table of contents to an edited web-volume of blog-posts on the broad topic of free will, responsibility and punishment. Great stuff for the advanced student or generally interested reader, as well as colleagues engaged in these issues. John continues his pursuit of issues in this direction, so after you have gone through the posts indexed in the contents, you can move on to his latest, on the topic of the concept of being liable for attempted crimes. Here's the TOC cross-posted:

1. Free Will and Moral Responsibility

2. Theories of Punishment

3. Criminal Responsibility and Liability