Friday, 9 December 2011

Videos from The Philosophy of Hate Crime Symposium.

As some of you may recall, in a post earlier this fall, I shared videos from a symposium arranged by a project I'm working in on the basis for European hate crime policy, and informed about a 2nd symposium on philosophical issues actualised in that context that we arranged here in Gothenburg. Even earlier I have made a few posts on issues actualised by the project (on the relation between hate crimes and human rights and on the role of prevention in a sound hate crime policy) and pointed to many more at the blog of my colleague David Brax.

We are now happy to be able to share videos of almost all of the presentations and attached discussions that took place during the Philosophy of Hate Crime Symposium, arranged by David and me at the University of Gothenburg a few months ago. As I myself fell ill on the 2nd day, you will only see me appear in the introduction, but David does a splendid job of holding together by himself what was originally our shared presentation on such short notice in the last video below.

One of the more nice things that I noticed when watching this footage right through was how surprisingly well it captures the atmosphere and spirit at what was a bona fide research workshop, rather than a public engagement event put together for that particular purpose. What you see is an example of what goes on in the laboratory of a research unit in the humanities and social sciences, basically. Welcome to take a peak!

1. Anthony Mark Cutter & Christian Munthe: Introduction to When Law and Hate Collide

2. Paul Iganski: How Hate Hurts: The Moral Philosophical Basis of Hate Crime Laws 

3. Barbara Perry: Moving Beyond "Hate" Crime 

4. Neil Chakraborti: Targetting Vulnerability - A Fresh Set of Challanges for Hate Crime Scholarship 

5. Heidi Hurd: Criminalizing Hate, Criminalizing Character

6. Mohamad Al Hakim: Hate as an Aggravating Factor in Sentencing 

7. Antti Kauppinen: Two Kinds of Expressive Harm 

8. David Brax: A Tentative Philosphical Framework for Hate Crime Policy Across the European Union