Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Come and Work with Us in Practical Philosophy in Gothenburg: Post Doc Positions Open!

Today was released the first in a series of calls for application over the next coming years for research positions in practical philosophy at the University of Gothenburg, attached to our strategic Moral Responsibility Research Initiative (MRRI). MRRI, which has a broad conception of what moral responsibility research may involve, recently secured an approximately € 8.8 Million grant from the Swedish Research Council, plus matching funds from the University's central purse, to recruit Professor Paul Russell from the University of British Columbia as part time visiting professor for the next 10 years, and to strengthen our already existing MRRI programme with a number of new PhD and Post Doc positions. In addition, our research fellow, Joakim Sandberg, has recently secured a generous so-called Wallenberg Academy Fellowship, for a research programme on the philosophical and ethical aspects of sustainable financial institutions, which will also include a number of hirings ahead. On top of that, we have a few other new projects that will need to hire as well, and our regular little faculty funded recruitment of PhD's.

But this time, then, it is the MRRI intiative that starts looking for new post doctoral fellows to add to our already quite dynamic practical philosophy team. The MRRI programme, to quote the call, ...

 ... conducts research on responsibility within action theory, metaethics, and applied ethics, including healthcare ethics, business ethics, and criminal responsibility.

/... /

The postdoctoral fellow will contribute to the research environment, especially with respect to foundational and analytic issues concerning moral responsibility and free will (broadly conceived). He or she will also be expected to contribute to and actively participate in MRRI's research seminar.

Apart from research, duties may include teaching, supervising graduate students, course design, and other teaching-related activities; such supplementary duties will not exceed 20% of the position?s responsibilities.

The holder of the position is expected to carry out the vast majority of her/his research in Gothenburg and to regularly and consistently participate in the research group's various activities and programs (workshops, seminars, conferences, etc.).
 The entire call is here, where you can also find relevant contact details and all information on suitable background, criteria for assessment and how to apply. So, why not take a stab at joining myself, Paul, Joakim, Gunnar Björnsson (who coordinates MRRI), Daniela Cutas, Bengt Brülde, Susanna Radovic of the partnering Centre for Ethics Law and Mental Health, and a number of already present PhD's and Post Docs!