Friday, 10 June 2011

Continued Debate on the AJOB Matter: Laurence B. McCullough Responds to Dreger

Re. the worries around the editorial practice and policy of the American Journal of Bioethics voiced by Hilde Lindemann, the response to this by the editors of AJOB, as well as further more specific allegations made by Alice Dreger in the ensuing debate: The latest development is that Laurence B. McCullough, one of the authors of a paper, the publication of which in AJOB spurred this whole controversy, has now responded to Dreger's claims in the commentary thread at the Leiter Reports blog – in rather sharp terms at that.

Stay tuned......

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  1. After this exchange, there was a short response by Lindemann re. the transparency of AJOB policy and management, plus some attempts at initiating an interesting discussion re. the concept of a conflict of interest, e.g. by Udo Schuklenk. However,after that the postings in the comment thread have deteriorated to petty attacks that seems to have more to do with personal vendettas between people only peripherally related to the actual issue (but who all, apparently, harbour very high thoughts about themselves) and, in my view, effecting nothing that a shaming of the reputation of the bioethics field. Thus, my following of this debate stops here.