Sunday, 20 March 2011

PEAK's Response to Keele VC Email

As reported earlier, when the Keele University Vice Chancellor started to receive what has now developed into a virtual tsunami of emails (made public at the save PEAK blog) in protest against the plan to shut down the Centre for Professional Ethics (PEAK), he was quick to supply each an every protester with an identical email response. Now, this email from the Keele VC as well as the PEAK response to it is publicly available. I won't go through the points made by either side, just read for yourselves. However, PEAK's response adds to the reasons I have set out earlier here and here to distrust the basis of the plans – the process of preparing the plan has apparently not been about transparency and taking care to base any suggestion on correct facts and sound reasoning. The covert nature of the process, and the haste with which it has been implemented (presenting the plan at the beginning of the weekend before the meeting of the university Senate, where the matter is to be decided) bears witness of a panic-stricken, nervous management that is not in control of the situation.

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