Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Come and Work with Us on Moral and Legal Responsibility and Agency!

The practical philosophy group at my department has for many years been working on building a research environment focusing broadly on responsibility as a topical theme. This theme encompasses all aspects of moral and legal responsibility and agency, and ranges from the applied and practice oriented (related to different areas and institutions), to the most general and fundamental issues in philosophy, moral and legal theory. It also contains openings for cross-disciplinary collaborations, e.g., with psychology, psychiatry, neuroscience, law, politics and economics. Last year, thanks to a major 10-year grant from the Swedish Research Council, we could welcome Paul Russell as new professor within this theme, who now leads the resulting Gothenburg Responsibility Project (GRP), and also a first round of post docs.

Now the GRP is opening its second call for post docs, and we are, of course, very keen on having applications from people in the postdoctoral phase of their careers, who feel that their field of research fits the GRP theme, and that spending a few years at our department is an attractive prospect. If that's you, please go here for more practical details!