Friday, 20 February 2015

Brian Leiter: from Online Harrassment and Ridiculous Legal Threats to Simple False Flag Bullying

You thought it was over, but of course it was not. Like a dung beetle will eventually find its way to a suitable habitat, where it can enjoy itself royally, University of Chicago philosopher and law professor Brian Leiter is now finally finding his way home, resorting to slander and bullying, pure and simple rural redneck style. You may inform yourself about foregone events regarding professor Leiter's manners and manoeuvres here and through the links there provided.

Then move on to read the latest tidings on how the dear professor tries to get back at one of his self-perceived nemesis, Leigh Johnson: Here and here. Given the increasingly sorry figure Brian Leiter is in these ways making of himself, you may ask yourself if you might commit the mistake of the Black Mamba / Beatrix Kiddo judging the motivational features of Bill:

... and whether the dear professor commits that of Bill misjudging "Kiddo", of course.

As for myself, wise from my own experience of anonymous comments on matters Leiter (see first link above), there is at least no mystery with regard to the identity of "AnonUntenured", an observation of which I'm far from alone.