Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Using Japan for Cover

As Japan struggles to handle the devastating problems following a record earth quake plus aftershocks, serial tsunami and a continuously escalating nuclear hazard situation, the lowlifes of global politics have a field day. The eyes of world media and multinational political bodies (presumably to great relief) diverted to the far east is apparently great cover:

Muammar Gadaffi steps up the campaign that in all probability will make Libya into a virtual slaughterhouse.

The dictator (so-called King) of Bahrain, aided by armed forces supplied by the local league of dictators, The Gulf Cooperation Council, has made his own country open for any level of violence against his own people by declaring a 3 month state of martial law.

All these guys are or were (as once the Talibans of Afghanistan and Saddam Hussein's Iraq) until very recently strategic and military allies of Western democracies in Europe, America and elsewhere in their "war on terrorism" and "global battle for peace, liberty and democracy".

So much for that lot.

And here's the latest from the U.N. and Libya front, while General Secretary Moon is apparently trying to create an appearance of action.

'nuff said.