Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Next round in the US legal dance on embryonic stem cell research

Just to rub it all in: here is the next step in the ridiculous legal dance around US embryonic stem cell research. Today, US dept. of justice appealed Judge Lamberth's injunction against federal funding of embryonic stem cell research, reported on earlier. Looks serious enough, doesn't it? – so why ridiculous? you might ask. Well, for the simple reason that embryonic stem cell research proceeds in the US completely untouched by this parody of ethically concerned debate - just not with federal tax dollars. Instead, it is within the confines of the biotech industry that embryonic stem cell researchers are now proceeding to the stage of clinical trial, such as this one. Safely within the confines of commercial secrecy and thus out of the way of any flimsy government concerns over ethics or what have you. My very sarcastic salutations to this prime example of an hypocritical excuse for genuine moral concern!