Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Bite into the real deal of the atheism-faith debate

If you have any sort of interest in issues such as atheism, secularism, humanism, religion, intelligent design, creationism, and so on. Take a rest from the amateurs of the blog world, click the free online link below and bite into the real deal. For non-philosophers: Synthese is a highly rated and renowned peer-reviewed academic philosophy journal in the analytic tradition.

Repost from Brian Leiter's Leiter Reports:

"Special Issue of Synthese on "Evolution and Its Rivals"

Available free on-line through the end of the month!  Longtime followers of my "Texas Taliban Alerts" will, no doubt, be particularly interested in the extended discussion of the ID creationism apologetics of Francis Beckwith.  (Earlier relevant items here and here.)   Alas, one of the essays, by Robert Pennock (Michigan State), appears to be a purported defense of the demarcation problem against Laudan's famous critique."