Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Seminar at the Stockholm Institute for Future Studies Tomorrow!

Tomorrow I'll be catching the train to Stockholm to present at the Institute for Future Studies' research seminar. The topic I have been invited to talk about is "The Price of Precaution: Evaluating Actions Actualised by Extreme and Extremely Unclear Risks", based, of course, on my work on the ethics of precaution and the precautionary principle. On that basis, I will here try to engage a bit more constructively with the discourse around so-called existential (technological) risks than what I did in two recent posts on this blog (here and here), and I am very happy for the IFS to have provided me with the opportunity to do so. As if this wasn't good enough – I'm fortunate to have Olle Häggström, professor of mathematical statistics at the Chalmers Institute of Technology, but also a philosophy enthusiast and, not least, a futurist with a keen interest in the issue of existential technological risk, with a coming book entitled Here Be Dragons: Science, Technology and the Future of Humanity, as specially invited commentator. If you're in the neighbourhood and have the time, please come and participate!

Address: Holländargatan 13, and time 3.15-5.15 PM.

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